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How well do you know the bells of Milwaukee?


Without fail, each Sunday morning I wake up at home in Bay View to the sound of bells ringing. But after listening to them every week for years now, each time I still cock my head and wonder, “Where is that bell coming from?”

Since Milwaukee’s establishment- whether the reasons lie behind the large initial European immigration, our assortment of religious establishments, what have you – we’ve always been a haven for bells. And for something so prominent (and audible) in our neighborhoods, one Milwaukee man is determined to uncover some of the anonymity behind these bells of Milwaukee.

In the days before motor vehicles, when the Solomon Juneau was first rung on New Years Eve 1895- 1896 you could hear it all the way out to Waukesha county.

Michael Horne is the founder of the nonprofit The Bells of Milwaukee. And currently operating as Facebook page, since its beginning only a few months ago, the page has already become a growing community for Milwaukee history, photos and videos.

Curious what a particular bell sounds like? Or how long its been around? Or how it made its way to Milwaukee in the first place? Horne and the Bells of Milwaukee community might have your answer.

But Michael says, while spreading history and information about the bells is important, he eventually hopes it can help not only further inform, but ensure their lasting presence in our community,

“How do we restore, repair possibly even replace bells? That’ll be another part of our mission to keep us going through the years.”

Listen to the full story on The Bells of Milwaukee below:
For more information on the Bells of Milwaukee, you can visit them on Facebook, at or contact Michael Horne at