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Local activist using hip-hop to inspire change

For Delvyn Crawford, a haircut changed his life.

He was waiting for his turn in the chair when he noticed a stack of CDs sitting on a table in the barber shop.  They were free for the taking, so he grabbed one and popped it into his laptop.

I ask myself 'what is that I can do to reach out to this generation?'

But after listening to a few tracks, he was quickly disappointed with the content.

"It was the typical." he said. "The drug dealing. The pimping.  The human trafficking."

Soon after leaving the barber shop that day, he took action. He made some music of his own with a positive message, and it's all free to download from his website.

"Hopefully the content that's within it will give something different from what they're exposed to right now."

Click the player above to hear from Crawford, and keep scrolling for an exclusive spoken word piece record just for 88Nine's listeners.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee