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Empty since the '80s, what's in store for this former Pabst grain silo?

Redeveloping a hulking concrete grain silo is clearly easier said than done.

The former Pabst grain storage building has been vacant since operations ceased in 1983, and it is the only remaining building on the downtown Pabst campus that hasn't be repurposed.

Photo credit: Bobby Tanzilo/OnMilwaukee.

Nearly every building around it has seen a makeover, including No Studios, The Brewhouse Inn & Suites, The Best Place and Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub. But what exactly do you put inside a grain silo? Rock climbing? A restaurant? More grain?

That's the question Bobby and I consider this week on Urban Spelunking. Click the podcast player to listen.

On thing you can count on -- there's a heck of a view from the top.

Photo credit: Bobby Tanzilo/OnMilwaukee.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee