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We talked to a grocery clerk sharing positivity from the front lines

As people are adapting to new working conditions -- or worse, not able to work -- certain other workers in our community must proceed as usual, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

One of those "essential" jobs is at the grocery store. Workers must remain on the job, potentially exposing themselves to the virus, in order to serve the community.

We talked with one grocery worker from Waukesha in the audio clip below.

I first met this 88Nine listener when she sent us a text at 414-892-8899. She works the morning shift at a Waukesha grocery store and tunes in to hear Dori every morning. She, kindly, sent a text saying she appreciated the music and Dori's positivity.

The next day, I followed up with a phone call.

She asked we keep her name and employer private, but was willing to share her unique vantage point and how she is seeing community come together. Hear her simple message to the public, as a worker on the front lines.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee