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How to answer big questions kids have on masks

The conversation around the COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult subject to address with your kids and can result in a lot of fear or confusion. Adding Milwaukee's mask ordinance, stating that under law everyone over the age of three is required to wear face-covering in public, doesn’t make that conversation any easier. Kids have a lot of questions and we have the answers.

Why is everyone wearing a mask?

Wearing a mask helps keep everyone safe, like our friends, family, teachers and essential workers. Although wearing a mask doesn’t entirely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 it does help lower the risk. We are all doing our part to make sure everyone is safe. 

I'm not sick, why do I have to wear a mask?

Even if you’re not sick, it can help you stay healthy in case you get sick. Sometimes you might be sick without feeling any symptoms, that's called being asymptomatic.

Do I have to wear a mask at home?

Great question! Although, most of us usually don't wear a mask when we are at home, it's good practice to wear a mask when people are visiting you at home. Also, sometimes families wear a mask when isolating from other family members. For example, if a parent is a doctor, they might wear a mask at home to keep everyone safe.

Is it a costume?

Hmm never thought about that. I guess some face coverings can be part of a costume and some people cover their faces for religious reasons but for the most part, people are wearing a mask to stay healthy.

Can I still talk while wearing a mask?

Yes, silly, You can absolutely talk while wearing a mask. 

Why do I have to wash my hands so much?

We wash our hands to remove all the yucky germs. Think about everything you are touch throughout the day. Sometimes we can see things on our hands like dirt or food but sometimes they are invisible. When we forget to wash our hands, those lingering germs can make us sick. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you can’t remember try singing the song, “If you’re happy and you know it, wash your hands!”

For more information on the mask ordinance, check out our detailed article.

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