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A new jazz cafe comes to the Harambee neighborhood

Jazz is spirited, captures moods and its birth by African Americans. It has the power to relax you or move you to dance and take action. It also pairs well with coffee, tea and good company.

At least, that model has worked for Sam Belton, owner of City.Net Jazz Cafe in downtown Milwaukee. 

Sam is opening up a new spot in the Harambee neighborhood called Sam’s Place

If you're a coffee drinker or a lover of Abyssinia coffee, which is roasted by Sam and named after the birthplace of coffee, you'll be able to take a sip at Sam’s Place. You'll also be able to enjoy delicious food.  

“Sam's Place is a gathering place for people from all walks of life,” Sam says. “We'll meet the appetites of people in this area, in this community, as well as people from others as well.”

Photo courtesy of Bader Philanthropies Inc.

Sam has been playing jazz in Milwaukee for years. In fact he has more than 60 years of experience playing jazz. Sam says he started playing drums at a young age and went on to play in his school’s band while he attended Milwaukee Public Schools. Sam got a performance degree in jazz percussion from the Wisconsin college Conservatory of Music and later a certification in music education at Alverno College back when there were few men of color attending college.

Sam went on to play with many Milwaukee jazz artists.  

“I played with all of the major jazz artists here in Milwaukee,” says Sam. “People like Manty Ellis, Berkeley Fudge, Buddy Montgomery; it's been a blessing to me to be a musician for many years.”

Sam's places open now and Sam says that it’s here to serve the neighborhood.