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Grab your pens and notebooks for Deaf trivia at Milwaukee's Company Brewing

Trivia is a celebrated game that challenges the best of us. Imagine regular trivia held at your local bar. The atmosphere was like any other brewery, filled with laughter, assorted drinks on each table and it was inclusive to all age groups. The only significant difference was sound. It felt more like a coffee shop than a late-night hangout spot. 

One Milwaukee organization is working to make trivia even more accessible by hosting an event held entirely in American Sign Language, no speaking allowed. Milwaukee Signers Club hosts Deaf Trivia every second Wednesday of the month for local trivia buffs at Company Brewing.

I saw a Facebook post promoting this event and I was incredibly intrigued. Initially, I assumed it was about Deaf culture, perhaps raising awareness. But instead, it is general trivia that is inclusive and open to everyone. You don’t have even have to be fluent in ASL, so long you respect Deaf space.

Showing respect can be as simple as minimizing side conversations and maintaining eye contact with individuals who are Deaf. Milwaukee Signers Club provides a PowerPoint screen with the questions, and an interpreter translates. Notebooks and pens are provided for participants to write their answers.

The next Deaf trivia night will be Wednesday, April 13, at Company Brewing; listen below to hear how Deaf trivia sounds.

Audio Storyteller | Radio Milwaukee