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Radio. And Way More.

If you strive for more, you belong here.

Radio can be passive. You have your presets, maybe you switch the station on a commercial. You're listening, but you're not really listening.

Radio Milwaukee is for those that want to be active. Actively discovering new music with our DJs, who share their musical passions with you on-air, online and on Spotify.

Actively learning about Milwaukee through our Community Stories — short audio segments played on-air (and expanded online) that share news about the positive things happening in our city —  and our podcasts — discussing Milwaukee's film, food, and music scenes.

Actively working to make it better with initiatives like Grace Weber's Music Lab, a free monthly music education program for Milwaukee-area high school students.

Radio Milwaukee is a radio station but we strive to be way more.

Because we have a mission. We're working to bring Milwaukee together through music and stories.

If you strive for more, for yourself, your family, your city, your world, you belong here.

Connect with us on-air and online — and stay tuned for updates on when we'll be connecting again in person.

Thanks to our friends at BlackPaint Studios and LionArt Media for bringing this campaign to life with us.