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Don't Sleep On: The Carps

Our neighbors to the north have an amazing music scene and a plethora of quality artists, but one group is gaining a huge buzz here in the states. The group is The Carps. They hail from Toronto (one of my favorite cities in the world). The Carps is a duo consisting of Jahmal Tonge & Neil White. Jahmal reminds me of Corey Glover of Living Color. The Carps blend punk, hip hop, electronic into a sound of their of own.

The Carps are from Scarborough, a pretend hood in Toronto. They are a duo that plays music for human ears. Having two people in a band can be a liberating thing, as it has been seen. Such a shame they are so young - had they come around any earlier they could've taken credit for more than a few novel ideas. With the EP the Young & Passionate Days of Carpedia, the two ragamuffin soul rockers deliver the promise to set themselves far apart from elephants, swirly red and white candy, beards, brothers and sisters, and Phil Collins. The Carps stand alone. They sound like nothing you could imagine, and everything you'd like to.

They have a new ep entitled "The Young & Passionate Days of Carpedia" and it is definitely worth checking out. It has a track featuring Chicago's Cool Kids.The Carps - "Veronica Belmont" (download via Carps - "Heaven Gates and Hell Flames feat. The Cool Kids"

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