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Y-Love...? Why not...

... Especially when you're the freshest thing in Kosher beats, and cred runs deep to the text. Y'all, if you're looking for what to peep next, go find a copy of the latest from Y-Love. Born Yitz Jordan, Y-Love is effortless spiritual flexion on the mic. His image is strange and no deception, cat's a black Jew... so what's "urban" music now... what's "black" music mean? Check this out...If you've already clicked the iTunes icon just wait, his album is called This Is Babylon and is very good. This guy is a wordsmith as fine as the great KRS-One, and he keeps all the cuts in pockets of immediacy and relevance. A poetic presence on the stage, he carries the vibe to the album admirably; a lyrical trip in verse and in at least five different languages. Here is another video and a couple of downloads for you to sample. Enjoy...DOWNLOAD: Y-Love Bring It On DownDOWNLOAD: Y-Love From Brooklyn To Ramle feat. Saz

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