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Massive Attack's Protection Pay Back

It's Tuesday... and you know what that means! 7 o clock sample time!!!As we continue our EVOLUTION OF HIP HOP MONTH here on Radio Milwaukee, I'm going to continue exploring the genre's favorite sample source...

SEVEN O CLOCK SAMPLE presents... The James Brown Samples! In week 4, we are now seeing how Hip Hop has branched out so far and wide, that the definition of Hip Hop becomes hard to define. Today's sample comes from a group that is NOT by definition a Hip Hop group, however, they still follow that primary rules of Hip Hop production. Massive Attack set the foundation for the Trip-Hop style in the early 1990s. When they collaborated with EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL's Tracey Thorne, they also pulled a sample from the Godfather... That funky lil guitar at the top fo the track is in fact... JAMES BROWN!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee