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How 'Bout Roger Webb!?!

A while back, one of our regular listeners hit me up with a gem of a sample. The track came from a dusty piece of vinyl from his collection He had heard the sample and sent it my way, but he did not know who the artist was that sampled this track. The song is called "The Hustlers". It's from a record called Music By Roger Webb. ( lame title huh? )

The track is pretty impressive for such a low profile record. Check it out!It took me a few days for my brain to get on track and remember what the song was... After a few days of frustration I remembered it was a Steve Spacek track. Well it was actually a Katalyst song. It appeared on his BBE release What's Happening.

THis album featured guest spots from J-Live, Diverse Katie Noonan (george), Magic Dirt's Adalita and Beautiful Girls's Mat McHugh and Steve Spacek on this track...

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