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For The Love of MURS

This week on the 7 O Clock sample segment, I wanted to explore the music of one heavily sampled group... THE ISLEY BROTHERS.The Isley Brothers are an integral part of American music. They are one of the few groups to have long-running success on the Billboard charts placing a charted single in every decade since 1959! I pulled out there tow disc greatest hits yesterday, and it was like a best of American funk and R&B box set, but all from the same group!Many artists have sampled their work, from Lil Wayne and the Beastie Boys to The Basement Jaxx and Masta Ace.Today I've selected one of this past year's coolest uses of the Isley Brothers. Producer Nottz, pulled out the classic FOR THE LOVE OF YOU record for Murs 2008 release MURS FOR PRESIDENT.Take close listen to how Nottz scratched the record to create a new melody.... I LOVE IT!Cool track MURS... Here is the original!

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