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Bring Down The Groove

This week on the Seven O Clock Sample, we are exploring the funky dance sounds of Deee-Lite.

In the 1990s, there were few groups that had the combo of dance grooves, poppy hooks and funky samples like the 3 of Deee-Lite. Super Dj Dmitir and Towa Tei created beautiful soundscapes for the luscious Lady Ms. Keir to sing and dance to. While there was without a doubt, a certain level of gimick to the Deee-Lite appeal, there was a lot of fantastic sampling going on too! Towa Tei was without a doubt the driving force of much of this funk, a native of Tokyo and a Bronx breed producer, he knows his way around the classic funk, soul and jazz sections of your favorite New York record shop. Remember this hit?... Of course you remember this jam, it may even make you roll your eyes! LOL! But there is no denying that there is a lot of funk in this jam, and some of that is thanks to Mr. Herbie Hancock! YO DJ! Throw that record on! Thanks you Mr. Hancock, as always you are the man!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee