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Saved The Best for Last!

Today is the final installment of our exploration of the most sampled man in the world.


The godfather of soul set the stage for Hip Hop in the late 1970s.  His raw, groove based songs had many open drunk breaks, guitar riffs, and horn lines that were just waiting to be sampled.

In 1969, the James Brown band headed into a studio in Cincinnati to record an unnamed instrumental.  The 9 minute long jam featured an unlikely star of the James Brown ensemble, Madison native Clyde Stubblefield.  Clyde was in the groove on the session, and James told him to " just keep what you got... Don't turn it loose, 'cause it's a mother."

A classic drum break was born!

In recent years, a generation that has grown up on Clyde's break, have come forward to pay respect to the man behind the groove.



Here is that break...



The list of songs that have sampled this break is way too long for me to even scratch the surface, but I do have some favorites...


LL Cool J " Mama Said Knock You Out"




Run DMC " Beats to the Rhyme"




K-OS " B-Boy Stance"


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