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Luscious Samples

This week on 7 o'clock sample, we are looking at samples that "rock".  Back in 1993, alternative rock was all the rage.  Their was no shortage of new sounds, and the ladies of Luscious Jackson were on a whole new level.  

They released their Grand Royal records debut called IN SEARCH OF MANNY, with limited means.  This album was recorded in Jill and Gabby's apartment with a few mics, a few guitars and a sampler.  The drum loops and samples created a palate for the ladies to work out this new sound.  To the un-trained ear, this album is all live instrumentation.  But when you listen to this project and know there are samples in it, you find many of them in there.

Listen to this track ... "Daughters Of Khaos"



Fun Hip-Hop sounds, and a great groove.  The main "loop" on this song comes from the drums of a Jimi Hendrix classic.

On the album AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE, you can find a funky drum break on the 2nd side of the album.  The song "Little Miss Lover" begins with the drum break you hear on "Daughters of Khaos".


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