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2 o'clock Break : Root Down Break

Back by popular demand, it's time for the 7 o'clock Sample.  

(But wait it's 2 in the afternoon).

I guess we will rename this segment, 2 O'clock Break!  

Every weekday at 2:00pm, I will kick off the afternoon with an exploration of samples, loops, sounds and breaks that have been used by artists to create new music.  This week, we are looking at those "duh!" moments.  Anyone who have ever spotted a sample source, has this this ah-ha moment of realization when they spot it.  Sometimes, you find yourself saying "duh!' that was so obvious.

Today's example is one of my personal favorite DUH! moments.

In 1971, Jimmy Smith recorded a night live in Los Angeles.  It was put out in February of 1972 and featured a great jam, which the album was named after, ROOT DOWN.



 That's a funky jam!  So it's no wonder that the Beastie Boys "Root Down", takes this songs in it's true funky-ness and adds a drum break and some raps.

Good Jazz Break + Dope Lyrics = Good Rap Song 100% of the time.


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