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Listen To The New Song From The Bon Iver and James Blake Collaboration

Two of the most interesting artists of 2011, Bon Iver & James Blake, announced last week they were working together on new material and would debut the result today.  Well, today is here and the track "Fall Creek Boys Choir" debuted on BBC Radio 1. 

From Pitchfork:

"According to a press release, "Over the past year James has cited Justin as a key influence and it was via a chance meeting at this years SXSW festival in Austin, Texas that the seed was sown for a future collaboration." The track was "formed in the spring over email." It features Justin Vernon on vocals and James Blake on production. It will be available on iTunes on August 29."

After listening to the track, you can definitely say that these two are made for each other.  Take a listen to the song from this collaboration, which some have called "Watch The Throne 2." Note: on the youtube page for the song, in the description it reads "Enough Thunder - Oct 2011." I am assuming this is the name of their forthcoming album.


It seems that the name "Fall Creek Boys Choir" was an actual choir group based in Fall Creek, WI.  The group still have their MySpace page up with music, which eerrily sounds like Bon Iver material and most recently this collaboration. Here is a bio of the group:

An amateur singing group from Fall Creek, WI that gets together twice a month and rehearses, drinks 7up and Cranberry juice mixers, and sometimes records at the Cricket Gym. We are real laid back, just email us if you are in the area, we are always looking for new members. It's usually third and first tuesdays of each month. Except in February and March, when our director usually splits for Arizona. He's a retired Navy Gunner, but super down to earth. It makes it easy when your director loves music as much as you do. Fall Creek Boys Choir - Think about it for a second.

Take a listen to the song "Crooked Smile," and see if you hear any resemblances to Bon Iver's music...(via Brooklyn Vegan)

Find more Fall Creek Boys Choir songs at Myspace Music


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