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Check Out Our Limited Edition T-Shirt and Hoodie Created By Milwaukee Designers!

We just kicked off our 2011 Fall Fund Drive here at 88Nine RadioMilwaukee.  This time we have a limited edition t-shirt and hoodie created by listeners and local designers. Once the fund drive is over on October 7, both of these items will no longer be available.  The t-Shirt is designed Julie Von Bargen and the hoodie is designed by Paul Gulling.

If you contribute $88.90, you will get the t-shirt in men sizes and women sizes.  If you donate $120.00, you will not only get the t-shirt, but you will get our first ever disc entitled "RadioMilwaukee Presents: Studio:Milwaukee."  The disc features 16 tracks from various artists recorded live at various locations throughout Milwaukee.  Do you want the t-shirt, the disc, and the hoodie? For a contribution of $200 or more you can get all three.  Don't forget your donations are tax deductible. 

You can donate securely online or call us at 414-934-4483! Look stylish this fall!!!!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee