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Check out this New Artist Proe With Some Production From Milwaukee's The LMNtylst

A few days ago Brandon Brichbauer aka Milwaukee's The LMNtylst sent me some new music from a relatively new artist by the name of Proe out of California.  The name of Proe's album is called Be Brave, Gladiator, which contains some production from The LMNtylst. The LMNtylst one of those Milwaukee musical gems.  He was also responsible for producing Pezzetino's last album Lub Dub. 

Proe's album, which is pretty good, is self-produce with exception of the LMntylst produced track "Cuss By The Candlelight."  The track is definitely the highlight of the album.  You can download the album for free.  There is also a bonus remix of "Don't Wake The Babies," which was also done by The LMntylst. 

Take a listen to The LMNtylst's remix of "Don't Wake The Babies" < download>

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