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Bloody Murder, and Bomba Estereo

If you are a fan of S ound Travels and/or got a chance to check out Alverno's Global Union last fall, then you are already aware of exactly how good Colombia's Bomba Estereo really are (and prolly all enamored with their amazing lead singer Liliana Saumet). Well, now you've got her all alone...and the track is dope!

Lyrical firebrand, Liliana Saumet's muses are politics, sex and music. As if that's not already dirty enough, she gets into it in earnest on her leatest, a solo project that for now is but one song “Maté a mi novio”. A heady, trip hop-inflected tune that rubs R&B the right way, oh but darkly, very dark indeed. A tune that's a grim description of the process of a murder, Leidi Li coolly describes what that means she proceeds to heartlessly murder, chop up, and bury her fiancé (metaphoricallythat is, its just a song y'all). A song apparently dedicated to all the bored girls; it is a soberingly chill play at her own dark side, leaving us remorseless for her own fallen twin...


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