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Parliament Keeps It Funky For You

This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are going to explore the music of Geroge Clinton and PARLIAMENT.  If James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, then George Clinton in the GrandDaddy of Funk.  His music has been sampled by many artists over the years, but Hip Hop took his music to a whole new level.  Clinton has embraced the use of his music via sampling, and has continued to support young sample based acts.

Today we are going back to the album "CLONES OF DR. FUNKENSTIEN".

"Do That Stuff" has been sampled by lots of acts, from AG and Yo-Yo to Roysksopp.  But back in 1989, Nice and Smooth grabbed up the sample for the track "Funk For You".


(P.S. Dizzy Gillespie play the trumpet...)


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