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Listen To Bluegrass and New Orleans Brass Band Covers of Daft Punk Tunes!

Finally, Daft Punk recently released this year's most-highly anticipated album, Random Access Memories to a mix of great and bad reviews. Personally, I think the album is simply brilliant.  Of course with any hype of an album, there seems to be a slew of remixes and covers to follow. Some of those remixes and covers are good, some are just plain bad.  However, I found some of the most unique takes on Daft Punk's material.  

The first cover is by a Bluegrass band by the name of Seven Handle Circus. They manage to do a pretty decent job of giving Daft Punk's "One More Time" a down-home feeling. Check out their performance from a show in Atlanta.


What do get when you cross Daft Punk and New Orleans Brass Band music? You get Brassft Punk, which is a creation of New Orleans' artist  Madd Wikidd. Check out his unique take on Daft Punk's songs: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,"Around The World," "Da Funk," and "One More Time."

Brassft Punk is currently working on take on Daft Punk's latest tune "Get Lucky." You can learn more about it via their Kickstarter page.

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