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One More Time ( A Dedication to Romanthony )

All this week on the Seven O'Clock Sample we have been exploring the music of Daft Punk.  Today we listened to one of Daft Punk's biggest hits, "One More Time".  This song was Daft Punk's highest charting song until "Get Lucky" was released this year.  The track was Number one on the Billboard Dance charts, and 33 on the Billboard Top 100.  The track features Singer and music producer Romanthony. Although he died nearly three weeks ago, it has taken time for the news to reach the blogosphere. Many famous DJs and Producers have expressed their sadness over the loss.  SO today we celebrate Romanthony's biggest hit... "One More Time".

The sample used by Daft Punk on this track, comes from Eddie John's track "More Spell On You".

If you want MORE Daft Punk samples in your life, check out my new Daft Punk inspired mix "Remixed Analog Memories"  You can stream or download it here for free!


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