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Dori's Sample Suggestions #2: MC 900 ft. Jesus

This week, the Seven O'Clock Sample has been taken over by Dori. ( Or least all the suggestions will be coming from her. ) I often get ideas from Dori, and I decided to let her pick all the samples that we explore this week.  YEsterday she asked me to play some LL COOL J, in honor of his set with DJ Z-Trip at Summerfest.

Today, we play a track from Dori's favorite 900 foot MC.

I was first intorduced to MC 900 ft. Jesus on Beavis and Butthead.  I'll never forget Beavis chanting "Da-da-da-Duh na na.


The sample for the song we played "Killer Inside Me" comes from Tower Of Power's 1974 album WELCOME TO OAKLAND.  Here is "Squib Cakes".


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