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An Ode George Duke

Music lost a legend this week. George Duke, the Grammy-winning jazz keyboardist and producer who performed acoustic jazz, electronic jazz, funk, R&B and soul in a 40-year-plus career, has died at the age of 67. Duke performed with some of the greatest musicans in recording history.   Al Jarreau, Frank Zappa, Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, and even Michael Jackson all worked with Duke throughout the years.  Duke was not only infulential in his production and performance, but his original and solo work has been sampled by several acts in the recent past.

When the news broke on Twitter yesterday morning, I went back to one of my favorite Daft Punk samples, of George Dukes "I Love You More".

Back in 1993, Ali and the boys of A Tribe Called Quest sampled a George Duke riff from his song "North Beach".

The odd sounding keyboard riff in this song, was used in the ATCQ's "Midnight".


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