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Review| Polica at Turner Hall October 31

I think it’s fair to say if Polica was a holiday, it would be Halloween. That’s why their October 31 performance at Turner Hall was the perfect way to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

Enter Channy Leaneagh dawning a pink wig, dancing to a backdrop of bandmates in creepy masks. As one might guess, the band’s haunting, sultry style was the perfect soundtrack for the night. They were certainly on my playlist for the rest of the weekend.

Considering it was the band’s first stop on their “Shulamith” tour, one could have expected a high-energy performance. Unfortunately, the show was too much Sleepy Hallow and not enough Rocky Horror. While the songs were consistent with their recorded versions, there was a peculiar lethargy in their stage presence.

Between-song interactions were limited, but nonetheless charming. Leaneagh assured the audience that they were doing well by saying: “You guys are the best. I hope I remember this…forever.”

The 14-song set list was mostly songs from their new album, with station favorites like “Chain My Name” and “Tiff” appearing surprisingly early in the set list.

Leaneagh relies heavily on auto tune, but if she was using it during this performance, it was overpowered by her strong voice. Unlike most, the device is for a unique sound, not vocal fabrication. 

While I’m no stranger to the sentiment that all good things come to an end, this end came too soon. For a group with two albums, their encore, a one-song cover, left me hanging. At quarter to, they wrapped up with “You Don’t Own Me,” by Lesley Gore.

Don’t let my qualms mislead. It was still a good show and my dissatisfaction was only a symptom of wanting more.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee