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Thriftones:Milwaukee's Own

Thriftones are a rare species of band. Their itinerant sound cannot be confined and their wanderings endless. You may find them playing to a colony of squirrels in the north woods of Wisconsin or maybe even a bar in Milwaukee. Whether it be a bluesy take of sensual master Latimore or one of their self-described “folkadelic” jams, the Thriftones are one of the state's greatest purveyors of what some may call a good ol' time. It don't matter if you're a teetotaler, Thriftones will intoxicate your mind, while their Americana rhythms contort your bones into strange symbols of approval.

Matthew Davies, the bands multi-talented vocalist, is a man of insights and stories that trace back further than your grandfather's facial stubble. His tales are akin to those of rustic ramblers who've seen, up close, far too many sawdust covered bar floors and way too many of America's dirty crevices. Simply put the Thriftones are Milwaukee's gateway to the drug they call America.

The Thriftones consist of: Matthew Davies - Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Harmonica, Andrew Koenig - Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Jones - Drums and Eston Bennet - Bass

Currently they are working on their second studio album and are gigging around Milwaukee. You can catch them this Saturday, March 15 th at 9:30pm at the Three Lions Pub in Shorewood and then Friday, March 21 st at 8pm at Linneman's in Riverwest. 



Thriftones live on Fox 6

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