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Well Informed Citizen's Swindlers and Thieves

Milwaukee’s own blues based rock group Well Informed Citizens has just come out with a new release. Swindlers and Thieves a 5 song EP is the band’s first release since 2013’s Leaders of the Revolution. Since their formation in 2011, WIC has garnered numerous local music awards and WAMI nominations. The band has developed a devoted following and are staples throughout the Milwaukee music scene. Well Informed Citizens has a distinct sound with roots in 70’s rock n roll and blues. Mind blowing guitar solos and good old fashioned rock vibes are just a few reasons why this band has been received so well from fans and critics alike.

The 5 track EP features a good mix of their different music styles and showcases the band’s versatility. The first song “Chip” is a bluesy instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the album. This particular track includes a prominent bass and a few unexpected and well placed drum solos. I believe this track to be an illustration of WIC’s breadth of talent that goes beyond just their guitar prowess. Following, the title track “Swindlers and Thieves” reverts back to what has made WIC so well regarded- good old fashioned rock. The song has a CCR vibe mixed in with shredding guitar solos akin to Dire Straights. Exactly what the fans want. Well Informed Citizens then brings it back down with “Got Your Back”, a ballad showcasing surprisingly delicate vocals from lead singer, Daniel Nathan. However, “Groove with Me” brings the tempo right back up. It is hard to listen to this track and not hear echoes of CREAM’s “Crossroads.” WIC ends the EP with the acoustic track “Tonight.” All together, Swindlers and Thieves demonstrates the breadth of talent the band possesses. As evidenced by the new release, Well Informed Citizens is a well rounded group that can play anything from blues and hard rock to acoustic at a high level.

Don’t miss WIC’s release party for the new EP on Friday, May 9th at Club Garibaldi’s. The night will include a few songs from Well Informed Citizens, as well as performances from The Cavewives and Pink Lipsticks. Also, stay tuned for more shows from Well Informed Citizens this coming summer. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee