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Concert Review: Uh Huh Her at Turner Hall Ballroom (5/5/2014)

The Los Angeles based duo Uh Huh Her made their Milwaukee debut on Cinco De Mayo, a day you will remember.

A shout out to opener, DJ Kim Anh who brought an upbeat classic house set including a remix of The Killers Mr. Brightside. Oh and killer dance moves.

Back to the ladies of the night, Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey first started writing together in 2007. The electronic rock duo has come a long ways since then with the release of their third full album, “Future Souls.” A heavy influenced electronic root album, but think electronic in the style of The XX. In which Camila and Leisha have created such a harmonized, passionate, and beautifully written album.

In case you had a few too many margaritas and didn’t make it down to the show, you missed a good performance. Two songs into their set and their hit, “Common Reaction” because the start of the dance party.  As much as we enjoy the indie rock songs by the duo it was good to catch a lot of the new as Camilia said, “They were testing the waters.”  

Continuing the night along with “Innocent” and “It’s chemical”, the two feature singles on “Future Souls.” Which put oneself in a dreamlike, expressive, dancelike heaven.

If you weren’t in that state of mind yet “Shiine” became the reason you (I for one) thought Uh HuH Her should keep on track with the electronic flow. A slow buildup, catchy beats & those smooth voices. It’s really the reason every song they started playing you wanted to hear over and over.

Throughout the night I don’t think the crowd could have gotten any more excited when the duo finally performed “Not a love song.” However as a first timer to truly getting embraced by “Future Souls” one couldn’t be happier to get wrapped up with a full album performance.

Although the duo had to pack their gear quick and jet to the next town overnight Lesiha did not let us forget that, “Well Milwaukee we are going to “walkie” off the stage and be at the merch table afterwards.” Hmm good thing she has the music career going for her because the jokes uh... 

Wonderful personalities and talent,  it’s what makes up Uh Huh Her. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee