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Concert Review: Queens of the Stone Age at Riverside Theater (5/7/2014)

Josh Homme, frontman, of Queens of the Stone Age first impression was all that we expected a witty, grateful, and passionate lead.

As Queens of the Stone Age started to perform to a sold out crowd at The Riverside, you could feel the energy and crazy devotion in every individual.  

It started out heavy with the classic “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire” and “No One Knows,” It’s exactly what the fans wanted.

Moving forward into the night, the concert became more energetic, and I felt that I had zero cares in the world. Just like Homme said, “It’s smooth sailing from here on out.”  Which “Smooth Sailing” happens to be a track off the bands latest album, Like Clockwork.

As the lights were called to dim by Homme,  A nearby fan voiced out loud exactly what I was thinking, “When the lights go down, sh*t's about to go down.”

This lead into the song “Sick Sick Sick.” Who knew a devilish-dramatic voice that Homme carries during the song could be so beautiful to one’s ears.

The calm after the storm happened with a lonely Homme in front of a piano during the slow built up of “The Vampyre of Time and Memory.”  As he plead “You're wrong again ’cause I feel no love. Does anyone ever get this right?”

Ending the night with "A Song for the Dead" the irony since it’s not easy to get that much energy and perform the way Queens of the Stone Age did, that you couldn't help but leave feeling alive. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee