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Rhythm Lab Radio Song of The Week | Natalie Prass, "Why Don't You Believe In Me"

The ability to create a song that is timeless is not an easy task, but rising star, Nashville singer/songwriter Natalie Prass succeeded with her new song “Why Don’t You Believe In Me.” Combing elements of jazz, pop, R&B, and classic soul with the warm and luxurious voice of Prass, the song become something truly magical like eating a fresh baked sweet potato pie with fresh whipped cream and a mug of hot, piping apple cider on a crisp, cool Winter morning.  

Natalie Prass is the kind of artist Spacebomb was created for–a songwriter’s songwriter and performer’s performer blessed with a golden voice and universal appeal–a singer who understands the vision and brings an undeniable talent to the process. She’s a joy for any listener to discover–a lover and a fighter and old-soul trader in genuine energy, aiming straight for the heart. Prass turns a sly eye to the pageantry of emotion, the drama of love and the mysteries of everyday life with a disarming mixture of sincerity and cosmic insolence, unapologetically romantic, spinning golden threads of lyric and melody, each inflection and melisma planned and considered, each word tailored for meaning and effect–the pop gesture as artform. She delivers it all with carefree charm and nearly divine intuition. Her voice, at times so ethereal, is shot through by strength and sinew and just a hint of transient grit. The feeling is soft, but it cuts so deep, leaving any listener with a trace of a soul, thunderstruck and enchanted.

Take a listen to this sonic treat from Natalie Prass. This is Rhythm Lab Radio’s Song of the week. Also check out last week's episode of Rhythm Lab Radio.



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