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Rhythm Lab Radio Song of The Week | We Are Shining, "Stagedive"

So far in 2014, it has been very, very rare that a new album has truly surprised me.  I can barely count them one one hand. This week’s song comes from one of those rare albums.  The album, Kara, comes from a London-based duo by the name of We Are Shining. This duo blurs the lines of multiple genres with  aggressive abandon.  From Jimi Hendrix inspired rock to Sly Stone Inspired Soul & Funk to elements of afrobeat and electronic music, We Are Shining have created a sonic masterpiece with their debut album,  The duo has even garnered the attention of a Kanye West.  Their song “Stagedive” does a fantastic job of illustrating just that and it is Rhythm Lab Radio’s song of the Week.

Take a listen to the song in the player above, and check out We Are Shining's videos of other tracks from the album Kara below.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee