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Milwaukee's Phylums release new single, "Go Home" via Dirtnap Records

Stripped-down, primitive rock n' roll is meant to be played loud in a sweaty basement, right? There’s nothing like having good ole rock n’ roll paired with surfy guitar leads and wandering fuzz that’s turned up to 11. Milwaukee natives Phylums, fully embody that sound and do not stray far away from a classic 50s rock n’ roll, garage and punk mix.  

The group began by grooving three-chord homages to the Sonics, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Monks; pretty much any band that has a simple message and no-frills attack.  This Milwaukee artist premiere their new track “Go Home” off their debut LP “Phylum Phyloid” out August 10th via Dirtnap Records. The jumpy single fluctuates between beautiful summer guitar leads and noisy backing instrumentation.

Phylums’ members are composed of Wisconsin acts such as Goodnight Loving, Head On Electric, Jaill, and Holy Shit! The group combines a rhythm section of driving toms and bass that make up the core instrumentation, but also add various shades of organ, piano, and even a vacuum cleaner -- that oddly enough, adds to the sonic palette.

Phylums will perform the Dusty Medical Records 10th Anniversay Fest on Thursday, August 27 at Club Garibaldi. More info:


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