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Wine and music, in perfect balance. Tap to learn about our "Samples & Samples" event.

#MFF2015 Soundtrack concert at Hotel Foster

The Cream City Cinema portion of the Milwaukee Film Festival highlights local talent, but The Milwaukee Music Video Show (screening 6:30pm Wednesday, Sep. 30 at the Oriental Theatre), combines both local visual artists and local musicians. 

Once you get a taste of the local music scene, you're likely to get hyped up for a live show. Lucky for you, The Hotel Foster a mere block away from the Oriental, will be hosting a live " Soundtrack" hosting the acts featured in the screening immediately following. Now in its 3rd year, the Soundtrack Series will be one of the best with New Age Narcissism, The Midwest Beat, Greatest Lakes, Nineteen Thirteen and  Sam & Margot

Hotel Foster owner Doug Williams caught up with us to talk about the series. The Soundtrack Series used to be a nightly event covering almost every week night of the Festival, but Williams found that while the house was packed, barely any ticket holders were attending and realized theater goers may want to have a drink somewhere they can discuss films without loud music and it wasn't very connected to the Festival. Williams also added, "setting up sound during peak hours isn't very inviting for guests, and I would love people to experience the way Hotel Foster is 99% of the time."

This year, the venue is more connected to the Milwaukee Film Festival with drink specials every day of the fest for the first time. Festival goers can enjoy 2-4-1 select drinks between 5-8pm with a same day ticket stub. Drinks include a "Texas Mule" (Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, ginger beer), Crispin Cider, Miller High Life and Miller Lite. 

When asked how the Soundtrack series came about, Williams explains, "Well, the film fest is one of the cultural keystone events in Milwaukee and I am fortunate to be in its orbit. The 'Soundtrack Series' has evolved over the past 3 years.  The first 2 years we were essentially an amenity to the Fest. We had shows almost every night This year I was made aware of the local music video film being aired and it seemed a natural fit."

The Soundtrack Series continues tomorrow night (Wednesday, Sept. 30) at Hotel Foster with tickets on sale at 8pm with music starting at 9pm. $10 cover.

Click here for more information.

Hotel Foster continues live music this Thursday night at 9:30pm featuring  FauxnyGolden Coins and a fashion show. 


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