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Weekly Download | Illa J, 'Sunflower'

This week's download comes from Illa J's new self-titled album. You have seven days to grab the song "Sunflower" for free. 

From deep musical origins in Detroit, rapper/singer/songwriter Illa J has been slowly navigating his way through the oft-turbulent waters of Hip-Hop since the age of 13, when the young John Yancey, aka Illa J, wrote his first rhyme alongside his brother, the late great J Dilla. After his brother’s passing in ‘06, he began teaching himself piano, bass and taking vocal lessons while finding himself touring the world and recording a slew of Dilla-related projects, notably being an active member of Slum Village until 2014.

Feeling the need for a change, in 2012 John moved to Montreal, ultimately making the connection with Canadian producers Potatohead People. The album showcases a more mature and at-ease Illa J who’s comfortable on top ofan electronic boogie-inspired beat (“Universe”) as he is getting grimey over a trunk rattling G-Funk joint (the Kaytranada co-produced “Strippers”). On tracks like the sparse, Rhodes driven “Cannonball” and the early 90s spiritual / acid jazz inspired “Sunflower,” Illa flexes his muscles through both song and rhyme. 

Download Illa J's "Sunflower" (right click and save as)

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