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Milwaukee Public Museum almost ready to reveal gallery, exhibit info

A computer rendering of a brightly lit lobby area of a museum, with people walking around looking at the various exhibits.
Milwaukee Public Museum / Thinc Design
A rendering of the commons area in the Future Museum.

A segment of Milwaukee Public Museum enthusiasts has been very concerned about the future status of the museum’s current exhibits/galleries — one in particular. Today, we got an update about the five permanent galleries that will be at the new facility and when we can expect more details about each of them, including high-resolution renderings(!!!).

In a release, the MPM said the catchily named Future Museum will have six total galleries — one dedicated to temporary or traveling exhibitions — across its four exhibit floors when it opens in late 2026. On top of that, it’ll have a couple flexible spaces (Mixing Zones) featuring “a rotating selection of collection items,” as well as the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium and Puelicher Butterfly Vivarium.

Along with partner Thinc Design, the MPM will roll out additional over an 11-week period starting March 7. We’ll of course share those details (and renderings) right here. But for now, here’s what the museum had to say about the five permanent galleries and a few other areas:

Time Travel: March 7

Dedicated to exploring the deep past, including when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, through exhibits focused on three of the planet’s geological chapters: the Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era and Cenozoic Era.

Wisconsin Journey: March 23

An entire exhibit floor focused on the geological wonders and strong and varied cultures of Wisconsin – from the Driftless Area to the Northwoods, the Apostle Islands, the Great Lakes and Wisconsin’s vast Prairielands.

Milwaukee Revealed: April 14

Milwaukee Revealed will immerse visitors in city streetscapes they can explore to learn about the history of Milwaukee, the people who came to settle and live here and its interconnected systems, neighborhoods and ecologies (and where future generations of children can shop for a sweet treat).

Living in a Dynamic World: May 9

Visitors will take an unconventional journey to five distinct ecosystems across the globe and be immersed in the landscapes and cultures that occupy them.

Mixing Zones: May 9

Two spaces that will showcase a rotating selection of collection items, offer spaces for public interaction and programming and turn the Museum “inside out” by providing behind-the-scenes views into the collections’ storage areas.

Rainforest: May 23

The Rainforest will take visitors to the tropics to learn about the biodiversity that flourishes in tropical rainforests and the life rainforest climates support.

Puelicher Butterfly Vivarium: May 23

The Puelicher Butterfly Vivarium will welcome visitors into a warm, lush greenhouse thriving with real tropical plants and live butterflies flying freely throughout the space.

Bucyrus Rooftop Terrace: May 23

The Bucyrus Rooftop Terrace will be a gathering space to reconnect visitors to the outdoors and natural world.