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Marielle Allshwang and The Visitations bring The World of Mary Nohl to 414 Live

Marielle Allshwangand The Visitations brought a haunting but joyful sound to our 414 Live series. We sit down with Marielle Allshwang and Adam Michael Krause to talk about the group's catalogue of music, their marriage of music and the interdisciplinary arts, and a deep dive into "Precession of a Day: The World of Mary Nohl" and the un-streamable project "Night Gatherings."

Everything from the name to the catalogue of music has a thoughtful purpose in this group. The Visitations became the name of the group based on a vote from an incredible read by German author Jenny Erpenbeck called "The Visitation." Each body of work feels like a movement with the latest project deriving from a proposed commission produced by David Revel exploring regional artists' work through regional musicians.

The group are currently entering new territory with new music and possibly switching up their instruments. We are excited to see what comes next.

Watch the full set of Marielle Allshwang and The Visitations below. You can hear Mary Nohl's voice in the set if you listen closely.

You can stream the interview and live performance below.