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You cannot help but feel the love in Sleepy Gaucho’s ‘Best Drug’

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I don’t presume to know what’s going on in the life of Andy Goitia, aka Sleepy Gaucho. But based on the new single “Best Drug,” we should all want whatever it is.

This is a person absolutely floating through their day. This is a dreamy, hazy, intoxicated four minutes of music. This is someone moved to the point of singing about how love is “the best drug ever known” no less than 10 times in those four minutes. Whether it’s actual or aspirational, Goitia captures the reality-bending properties of a relationship in its halcyon days:

What is it that you do
To make things stand still, speed up, slow down
All at the same time.

In the notes accompanying the new single, Goitia said he was going for “the ethos of smooth, nostalgic A.M. radio.” There’s no arguing his success. I’d say that the sound feels pulled straight from the 1970s, but even a word like “pulled” feels too violent for a song like this. Maybe “warmly invited from the 1970s, but, you know, no rush or anything.”

You can bask in the glow of “Best Drug” below and wherever you listen to 88Nine. It’ll also be part of a wider album coming next year and sprinkled into the set of Sleepy Gaucho’s show Nov. 5 at the Cooperage.
"Best Drug," Sleepy Gaucho