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Five reasons not to miss our 2019 SoundBites music and food pairing event


Last week, we couldn’t leave our houses. So this week, I’m doing almost anything to get out of mine, including one of our favorite 88Nine events of the year – SoundBites!

This event lets you check out 12 of Milwaukee’s top restaurants in one night! I’ve been a part of each and every SoundBites and they get better each year – because the chefs in our city are super creative and constantly making delightful new things for us to try.

Below are my top five reasons you can’t miss this event, but if you’re already saying, “Dori Zori…I’m IN,” snag your ticket here and I’ll see you there, friends!

1. One night, 12 restaurants.

I’m not a big math person, but this math is simple. Where else can you eat special, curated dishes at 12 restaurants in one night without having to make a reservation or find parking at each place?

This year, we’re excited to host Char’d, The Diplomat, Fauntleroy, Fuel Cafe 5th Street, Jewels Caribbean, Kindred on KK, Lake Park Bistro, Lowlands Grand Cafes, Mazorca, Onesto, Pabst Theater Group and Smyth. YUM!

2. Off-menu items.

The menus at each of these places are amazing, but the chefs at each restaurant are even better. SoundBites lets each chef stretch their creative muscles and create a dish that may not appear on the restaurant’s menu! This – combined with the song pairing from 88Nine DJs – makes SoundBites truly a one-night-only experience.

3. A cheese board created by cheese professionals.

Have you heard of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board? Well, they’re responsible for furthering the lactose mission of our state and they bring it to SoundBites each year. After you get your welcome glass of champagne, the cheese boards are the next thing you’ll encounter. And trust me, it’s hard to leave that beautiful, beautiful space. Fun fact: It’s the first thing I take a photo of each year at the event.

4. Popsicles + Cocktails.

Pete’s Pops and Twisted Path Distillery are teaming up and making “pop-tails!" These may even rival the cheese boards for me this year. I eat a Pete’s Pop approximately once a week in the summer and I’m excited to try a winter pop with a little something extra to make me feel warm inside.

5. Put a face to the voice.

Maybe you listen to Musical Bacon every morning (thank you!) or Sound Travels each Sunday? Come and talk to us DJs! If you didn’t listen to our shows, we would just be lonely music lovers talking to ourselves… Half of the fun of this event is getting to meet you all and actually see your face as you listen to the songs we pick out—a little different than our normal listener/DJ relationship.

See you Thursday, pals!

88Nine Program Director | Radio Milwaukee