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Shannon and the Clams discuss the meaning of 'Year of the Spider'

Shannon and the Clams formed in college at California College of the Arts (and Crafts), Shannon adds. Shannon Shaw was already performing as Shannon and the Clams and Cody Blanchard was in her art class. He was always casually and obnoxiously late, which annoyed Shannon, but when she saw his final art project for the class, she knew they had to work together on something. Similarly Cody felt the same about Shannon's project. So he took over and they came to be the Shannon and the Clams that we hear today.

Their newest album was done at Easy Eye Studio's in Nashville, which is Dan Auerbach of the Black Key's label and studio. Like the Nashville studios of old, it has a sound that goes across every record on the label. You hear it on the new Shannon and the Clam's record, "Year of the Spider." Cody, who had always done all the production before gave insight, saying that Dan Auerbach is really right there, in the chair, doing all the production. They set up the studio ahead of time, like they did in the old studios in Nashville, to get their sound down, and then they drill down on the songs in real time. Cody said it was a real relief to have an outside voice helping with the work for once and that Auerbach put his touch on it, but also let them be Shannon and The Clams.

Shannon Shaw also gives insight into her own voice with it's own beautiful flaws. She goes into just why this album us called "Year of the Spider," and they give a shout out to Milwaukee's own Saebra & Carlyle.

This is the song that Shannon Shaw can't stop listening to.