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Kiltro hold nothing back for a supersized Studio Milwaukee Session

 A man plays acoustic guitar while standing near a microphone, with a man playing bass and two other men playing drums behind him.
Jen Ellis

Among the many little touches we offer bands who join us to perform in our Walker’s Point studios is the Radio Milwaukee drum kit. Hauling gear isn’t easy or fun, so it’s our way of taking a little stress out of their day.

Still, they’re always welcome to opt for their own percussion setup. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary when Latin folk-rock group Kiltro let us know they wanted to bring their own drum kit for Thursday’s Studio Milwaukee Session.

Now, setting up TWO drum kits? Not as ordinary.

 Two men play two separate drum kits on stage in a small performance space.
Jen Ellis

If that wasn’t an immediate signal to a room of Radio Milwaukee members that they were in for something special — and, as it turned out, supersized — 88Nine’s Marcus Doucette made it pretty clear by bringing his unbridled joy and excitement to the proceedings. One of the smoothest voices in Milwaukee couldn’t help but literally shout the band’s name during his introduction, and Kiltro followed his lead by injecting loads of energy into the room throughout their set.

You could feel the aforementioned double-drum-kit setup throughout the performance, with each song seemingly building off the previous one’s momentum. It culminated with “Guanaco” off the band’s recently released LP, Underbelly (pick it up on Bandcamp here). Already five minutes on the album, the track became a wild seven-minute jam in live form, setting heads to nodding and bodies swaying throughout the room.

Enjoy the session using the player at the top of the page, and make plans to be there for the next one. Our music team works hard to bring these can’t-miss events to Radio Milwaukee several times every month, and you can see every single one live and in person by becoming a member today.

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