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In The Mix with guest Ronco

Every Saturday evening we set the vibe from 10 p.m. to midnight as we mix up the hottest sounds from the electronic dance music scene.  In The Mix with  DJ Kenny Perez prides itself on bringing to the forefront some of Milwaukee's most talented DJs and producers as guests on the show.

Stream or download the mixes below.

Today I am at a loss for words to describe the energy that poured out of our speakers last Saturday. The only real way to believe it happened is to listen and judge for yourself in the stream or download link below. I got the energy for In the Mix jumped started with a remix from Brazil's very own Jørd. Jørd kept the vocals simple and similar to the original work of Meduza's dance hit "Piece of Your Heart," but then broke into a bass heavy stomper within meat of the record. The evening was just so much fun to program especially with having not thought about working at a festival or a gig (which I do not mind...DM me!) Then Ronco rounds out the rest of the evening with some fresh jams.

Ronco is newish to the DJ scene here in Milwaukee, but you can already see by following him on IG or Facebook @RoncoMKE that gigs are starting to come his way. It's a testament to the hard work, passion and let's go mentality he puts out into the universe. I can say so many positive things about this young DJ but I will narrow it down to one situation that define his drive. It's a prime example of someone who listens, respects and puts things into action. Ronco came to me as someone who is a listener, a fan, an aspiring DJ eager to get on the radio. I continue to ask the community of DJs here in Milwaukee to send me a mix to air during my show, Ronco doesn't hesitate. In fact, he simply sends me a mix without asking (I love that!). When I was listening to the first mix he ever sent for the show there were some elements that I felt need fixing ASAP! Without hesitation Ronco took the criticism, made the necessary changes, and got the set back to me in a timely manner. Far too often DJs get offended when you have advice about what they have created; Ronco was not one of them. Now, with confidence Ronco can rock a party and hit the airwaves without over thinking it. Enjoy the two hour episode by clicking the link below and enjoy the vibes!


  1. Meduza ft GOODBOYS - "Piece of our Heart"
  2. Chris Lake & Lee Foss - "Lies"
  3. Hood Rich - "Beam"
  4. Endor - "Blastin"
  5. laidback Luke & Keanu Silva - "Oh Yes"
  6. Oliver Schories - "Mirada"
  7. Redfield - "Don't Worry" (Axwell Remix)
  8. Tanisha Avent - "Love Yourself" (Dranoids Remix)
  9. Tom Novy ft Michael Marshall - "Your Body" (Cat Dealers Remix)
  10. Jasted, Mike Bocki - "Pretty Can't You See"
  11. Africanism & Martin Solveig - "Edony" (Nico De Andrea Remix)
  12. The Sponges - "Space Funk 75'"
  13. Peter Heller's - "Big Love" (David Penn Remix)
  14. Jaded - "Move It" (VIP Mix)
  15. Airwolf - "Chasing You" (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
  16. CASSIM ft Lov - "On Repeat"
  17. Wax Motif - "Wet"
  18. Will K ft Amy Miu - "Trampoline"
  19. Hatiras - "Space Invader" (Hatiras & Low Steppa Remix)
  20. Sevenn - "Loco Papi"
  21. Timmy Trumpet & Platik Funk - "Raveille"

Playlist Hour 2 - Ronco

  1. Malaa & Noizu - "Music Sounds Better With You"
  2. SUMR CAMP - "Wait A Minute"
  3. SUMR CAMP - "Radar"
  4. MY YOUTH x HARA KARI - "In My Ride"
  5. Frida K - "Too Many
  6. Nogz - "Turn Me Down"
  7. Sebastian Knight - "Dome"
  8. Nico Crespo - "I Like It"
  9. Ayarez - "Contagious"
  10. Sebastian Knight - "The Best"
  11. Caique Carvalho & Cahio - "Lookin For"
  12. Volac & Illusionize - "In A Club" (Noise Frenzy Remix)
  13. Tiago Garcia - "Good"
  14. Dubdogz - "Techno Prank"
  15. Xeno - "Jazz Hands Fam" (Original Mix)
  16. Black Frames & Degaust - "Welcome To Tha" (Space Jam Mix)
  17. Mattia Cabibbo - Hear Is The Music"
  18. Frankie Knuckles - "You Got The Love" (Josh Hunter Remix)
  19. Malaa - "H+M"
  20. Röde - "Set Me Free"
  21. Samuele Scelfo - "Fat Break"
  22. Torres - Drop Girl
  23. Mett - "To The Funk"
  24. Henk - "Cheddar"
  25. Röde - "Lay Back"
  26. You Must Disrupt - "Milkshake"
  27. Chris Lake - "I Want You" (Totem Flip)


88Nine Asst. Program Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee