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MKE Music Premiere: ‘Havin’ You Here’ helps Lunde find the strength to go on

Josh Schwartz

Every week, Milwaukee Music Premiere connects the city’s artists with our listening audience. If you’re an artist with a track you’d like us to debut exclusively on Radio Milwaukee, head over to our Music Submission page to learn how.

Many a person has waxed poetic about Music’s ability to breathe life into the listener. Indie-jangle-pop band Lunde got acquainted with a version of that while revving up the process that ultimately became a whole bunch of new music slated to come out this year.

“We self-recorded these songs in a cabin up in the middle of nowhere Michigan and finished them at my home studio,” drummer Jeremiah Lunde explained. “We thought the band was going to be over, but the recording experience revived us.”

One of those tuneful defibrillators, “Havin’ You Here,” gets its world premiere today to put a bounce in your step, if not resuscitate your own musical pursuits.

The relatively short track finds room for a gentle prelude, but I’m going to jump ahead to the takeoff point about 30 seconds in, when the band’s self-described “Beach Boys-esque harmonies” deliver a cheery jolt that really gets things going. The pattern repeats itself in even more elaborate fashion as the second verse tacks a quick guitar solo onto the end while bringing back the harmonies, which get a hand from Chicago singer/guitarist Ivy Ford.

Her voice supplies a seamless complement to Lunde frontman Nate Uhrich, whose subtly quavering vocals tell that tale as old as time about how love can steer two people in two completely different directions:

I wanna be, wanna be in your arms tonight
I think you should know, you should know that everything’s alright

Don’t go, it’s in my head again
Oh no, I thought it was the end 
Havin’ you here
Well it comes and it fades away
The message is clear
But it always leads me astray

“Havin’ You Here” will find a place on Lunde’s imminent EP, Wisconsin’s First EP, which ventures out into the world this Friday, complete with a celebratory release show at Cactus Club.