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Getting over the fear of learning, trying something new

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Lady wearing a black hoodie in a museum. She is standing in front of two alien sculptures, posing and taking a selfie.

When was the last time you tried something new? You may think at this stage in your life, it’s too late; the moment has passed to pick up a new hobby. It’s time to change that perspective.

I did something new earlier this month when I tried rejection therapy. Among other things, I went to Red Lobster and asked if I could adopt one of the crustaceans. It wasn’t transformational, but it propelled me along a series of firsts.

Lady standing in front of the yard, smiling for a picture. She is holding a university text book for her first day of school.
Sonia on her first day of school.

During this month of “New Year, Elevated You,” we followed aspiring musicians at Ladies Rock MKE as they tried an instrument for the first time and learned an original song in two days. I sat down with my colleague DJ to discuss how insecurities hold us back and how we can overcome them. All those moments have led us to this closing episode of our January theme — a reminder that we never stop learning.

For this final installment, producer Kiri Salinas takes over as host to have a candid conversation with her mother, Sonia. She discusses returning to school in her 40s and taking a transformational solo trip to New Mexico. Then we bring back Dr. Shilagh Mirgain from UW Health to give a helpful perspective on everything we heard this month, plus some great advice on getting back on track if you’re not quite as elevated as you hoped you’d be a month into the new year.

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