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The regulars at Throttle Twisters, Milwaukee’s first Black biker bar

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A black-and-white image of two patrons sitting at a bar.
Julie Grace Immink

For the month of July, Uniquely Milwaukee will shine a well-deserved spotlight on the unsung heroes of our city: the loyal regulars who not only frequent our bars, restaurants and museums, but also play a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly.

This week, HYFIN's Anthony Foster takes over the podcast and transports us to Throttle Twisters, Milwaukee’s first Black biker bar, to spend a few hours at a remarkable location that stands out from the ordinary.

As soon as you step in, it has all the typical bar tokens: sticky floors, a classic pool table, dartboards and vintage decor that gives the place its unique charm. But this isn't just any regular watering hole; it's a sanctuary.

Throttle Twisters was established in the 1950s for the Black biker community, where camaraderie and brotherhood thrive. The patrons sport leather jackets adorned with patches, symbolizing their shared passion for motorcycles and community. At Throttle Twisters, you'll find an atmosphere that embraces diversity, unity and a deep respect for the biking culture.

Join Anthony as he delves into this vibrant world where the love for motorcycles intertwines with a profound sense of belonging. This episode will feature the voices of fascinating individuals like Boozy, a bartender who brings character and charm to the establishment; Tadpole, a retired staff member who has been an integral part of the bar since the 1970s; and even a local mailman who has forged deep connections within the community.

Listen to the episode using the player at the top of the page or wherever you get your podcasts, and make sure to follow along with our full month of Milwaukee Regulars:

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