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How a Milwaukee poet found the intersection of art and business

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A Black woman standing on the sidewalk, holding a microphone and laughing while getting her picture taken.

In a world often divided by rigid boundaries, there are individuals who effortlessly bridge the gap between seemingly contrasting territories. On this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee, we unravel the captivating narrative of Tiffany Miller, a visionary who has not only mastered the intricacies of poetry, but also ventured boldly into the realm of entrepreneurship.

I first met Miller when she agreed to serve as emcee of the inaugural HYFIN Anti-Gala. As I worked with her to get ready for the event, Miller’s story revealed itself — a harmonious blend of artistic expression and business acumen, and a testament to the limitless potential that lies within those who dare to challenge conventions and embrace their multifaceted talents.

On the entrepreneurial side, Miller’s voyage began in 2011 with the establishment of Fly Blooms, a venture that marked her entry into the world of business. But her story doesn't stop there. In 2018, she joined forces with Lilo Allen to co-found the Bronzeville Collective, a hub of creativity nestled at 339 W. North Ave. This establishment serves as a haven for more than two dozen Black and Brown creators, offering a platform to showcase their artisanal creations.

Beyond her strides in entrepreneurship, Miller’s poetic genius shines brightly. Her words possess a transcendent quality that resonates deeply with her readers, evoking emotions that traverse the spectrum of human experience. The imagery she crafts through her verses lingers in the minds of those fortunate enough to encounter her work.

In this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee, we peel back the many layers of Tiffany Miller, offering insights to her persona and treating our ears to the enchanting recitation of three of her poetic compositions. Miller’s story captivates and empowers, urging us all to embrace our multifaceted potential and transcend conventional limitations.

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