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State of Sound: Bug Moment

Joe Stanton

To say Milwaukee indie rockers Bug Moment have been out there in 2023 is a massive understatement. March brought new album The Flying Toad Circus and a release show in The Back Room. June featured a roller coaster of emotion as they announced a concert at Culver's, cancelled the show due to forces behind their control and ultimately moved the whole thing to 4 Seasons Skate Park. Then there was the Turner Hall Ballroom all-local all-star showcase at the end of August.


It's understandable why we and the band had to work hard to find a spot for them on the State of Sound schedule, but they couldn't have joined us on a better night. UW-Milwaukee's student-run Prowl Radio was in the building as well for a "Music for Good" event to benefit the UWM Food Pantry, with Bug Moment leading off the evening's music lineup.

The always-engaging Jasmine Rosenblatt and company ripped through a set of familiar tracks while mixing in some fresh material, overtly hinting at new things (including a fresh EP) to come in 2024.