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Milwaukee Icon Mad Planet Is Still Spinning Throwbacks

December is our final month for our In the Wings series. We’ve brought you a variety of stories about local entrepreneurs, Destination Milwaukee, mental health and now, Milwaukee icons. And in Riverwest, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Mad Planet.

Listen below to hear about the iconic Mad Planet Club in Riverwest.

The Infamous Mad Planet Logo
Mad Planet was founded in 1990 by three owners, two of which have moved on from the business. Rose Mary, the current owner, has been there since the beginning and continues to run the joint.

The space is one that easily represents the people in Riverwest, literally appealing to all tastes. Robin Koutecky says what has kept her clocking in at the dance club each year is its inclusivity and love for people from all sorts of walks of life and music tastes.

Photos provided by Mad Planet

Mad Planet Takes Theme Nights to Another Level

Mad Planet’s themed-nights are beloved by the city. From artist face-offs like Rihanna vs. Beyoncé, to oldies nights like The Get Down and Retro Night, Mad Planet serves throwback jams like no other.

The Get Down, celebrated every second Saturday of the month for the last 14 years, spins funk, soul and disco for Riverwest. The Get Down is the only Mad Planet themed night still using vinyl. Long-time DJ Andy Noble busts out 45s all night. Robin says there could be 150 people at any of these throwback events, and 140 of them are easily on the dance floor.

Retro Night (formerly 80s night), serves throwback punk, hip-hop and rock music, so long as you can dance to it. Mad Planet originally started playing Chicago House Music when it first opened. Retro Night gives Mad Planet the ability to revert to some of the dance music of Mad Planet’s formative years.

Be sure to visit the Mad Planet website for a calendar of events.