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Hoanchella will bring the party to Lake Michigan and more lights to the bridge

 A large bridge spanning a river features an archway lit up at night with rainbow-colored lights that reflect off the water below.
Light the Hoan / Facebook

A few months ago, Light the Hoan had a little fun with us, claiming (on April Fools’ Day) they moved all of the Hoan Bridge lights to the east-facing side. Obviously, they had not relocated more than 3,000 bulbs — but there was some truth in the gag, with the organization striving in real life to get both sides of the bridge illuminated.

Today, they announced an event that will serve as a “kickoff for lighting the east side of the Hoan Bridge” featuring music from DJ Shawna Nicols and the Funk Club Wagon. And when you combine music and the Hoan, there’s only one thing you can call it:


The party/portmanteau will happen Aug. 17 quite literally in the waters of Lake Michigan, where attendees will get the aforementioned music and a fireworks show, plus a boatload (ha) of other things depending on how you choose to float along with the proceedings. Here are the options:

VIP boat ticket: $175

  • Passage on the Miss Wisconsin
  • Two-hour light show synced to DJ Shawna, who is on your boat
  • Front row for the fireworks
  • Two free cocktails and one free snack bag
  • Overhead drone photo and custom t-shirt
  • A t-shirt cannon (probably not to take home?)

VIP BYOBoat experience: $1,500

  • Passage on your own boat
  • Two-hour light show synced to DJ Shawna, who is not on your boat
  • Front row for the fireworks from a boat slip at Discover World
  • Beverages and snacks from sponsors
  • Overhead drone photo and custom t-shirt
  • Light the Hoan boat pennant
  • Light the Hoan cooler with four LED rocks glasses, can coolers and keychains

If bobbing along Milwaukee’s coast while enjoying a sweet light show and music (and supporting Light the Hoan’s mission to provide the city with a symbol of pride and unity) sounds like your thing, tickets are available now on the event webpage.